Rhode Island Traffic Offenses Attorney  

    • While one Rhode Island Traffic Offense may not seem like the end of the world, if the offense is serious enough or if you accumulate enough of them, there can be far-reaching consequences, including jail time. You want an experienced Rhode Island Traffic Defense Attorney protecting your rights.

      • Driving without Insurance

      • Reckless driving

      • Hit and run

      • Speeding ticket

      • Driving on a suspended license

      • Driving on a revoked license

      • Property damages

      • Drag racing

      Your Rhode Island Traffic Violations may include misdemeanor and felony charges in violation of Rhode Island  driving laws. Consequences for traffic violations may include:

      • Loss of driver’s license

      • Loss of insurance

      • Elevated insurance premiums

      • Repossession of leased auto

      • Hefty fines and court costs

      • Permanent mark on driving record and traffic record

      • Loss of employment

      • Inability to qualify for future employment

      • Jail or prison time

      Rhode Island Traffic Charges are as serious as other charges and can result in extreme hardships to you and your family. At The Howe Law Firm, we will fight hard to defend you and your privilege to drive.

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