Rhode Island Speeding Attorney 

The most common traffic violation is a speeding ticket. In Rhode Island , it is also the easiest ticket to beat. To avoid losing points on your driver's record, you should never plead guilty to a speeding ticket without consulting a lawyer.

At the Offices of James P Howe, a traffic violation and speeding ticket defense firm, we help clients throughout Rhode Island  fight speeding tickets and other traffic violations. On basic speeding tickets, I have been successful in obtaining dismissals more than 90 percent of the time.

I handle all types of speeding tickets, including:

  • Driving at a speed that is not safe for conditions, due to weather, traffic, pedestrians, lighting or road conditions

  • Driving in excess of the posted maximum speed limit

  • Driving in excess of 100 miles per hour

  • Truck speeding, which is driving in excess of 55 miles an hour while towing a trailer

  • Exhibition of speed, such as burning or spinning your tires

  • Speed contests or street racing

Speeding tickets are all about the points

When it comes to speeding tickets, it's all about the points. A basic speeding ticket is a point infraction resulting in the loss of one point on your driving record. A misdemeanor speeding ticket (exhibition of speed, speed contest or speeding over 100) will result in the loss of two points.

Lose more than four points in a 12-month period, six points in a 24-month period or eight points in a 36 month period) and you will be deemed a "negligent operator" and face a one-year suspension of your driver's license by the Rhode Island  DMV.

Radar and laser tickets

Use of a radar gun or laser by a police officer may be illegal in Rhode Island  unless a valid engineering and traffic survey is on file to justify the posted speed limit. Generally, these traffic surveys are inadequate and the speeding tickets may be dismissed outright if you take the time to fight them (does not apply to maximum speed case).


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